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THE LAB: Animation & Multimedia Institute

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The Lab provides hands-on instruction in Stop Motion, Digital, and Cell animation

to ages 6 & up in a safe, creative environment! 

The lab is located within the Capitola Mall - directly next-door to the Puppetry Institute!

We are equipped with a small sound room, a green screen wall, and everything needed to create podcasts, SFX videos, and original animations.

Flip Books, Rollers & TaumatropioZoetropes  & Phenakistoscopes | Audition Prep
Begining Stop Motion | Stop Motion Puppetry | Green Screen Camp| Podcasting


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Puppets + Greenscreen!
Directed, designed, and preformed by one of our lab students!

Lab Classes

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Flip Books, Rollers & Taumatropio @ THE LAB

ages 6 & Up

In this introduction to Animation, students will learn how to construct 3 different styles of early animations and optical illusions.
Cost $30 includes supplies and​ 2 hrs instruction.

Zoetropes  & Phenakistoscopes @ THE LAB

ages 10 & UP

A more advanced version of our beginners class. A zoetrope is one of several pre-film animation devices that produce the illusion of motion by displaying a sequence of drawings or photographs showing progressive phases of that motion. These two animation examples date back as early as far as 5000 years. Students will given a choice to create their own wheels while learning the basic rules of animation.
Cost $40 includes 2.5 hrs instruction...

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Designed to help budding actors prepare themselves to give their best performance at any audition. or open call, The 5th session consists of taping and editing your own audition video. Space is limited so don't delay signing up for this great class. 5 -2 hr sessions Cost $400

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Beginning Stop Motion @ THE LAB

ages 8 & Up

Using items such as sand, paper, and Legos kids can create a 45 second to 1 minute video using all techniques used in our more advanced classes. This class is only available TUES-WED-FRI-SAT from 11am-6pm.

Cost $300 includes supplies, a DVD of finished project, and 10 hours of instruction split over 3 consecutive days...

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ages 8 & up

Learn the basics in the exciting genre of Stop Motion Puppetry! In this class students will create a 1-3 minute film using techniques employed in such movies as “Nightmare before Christmas”. Writing, character development, puppet design, set construction, and film techniques, are just some of the skills learned in this course.

Cost $400 includes supplies, a DVD of finished project, and 20 hrs instruction and LAB time.

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Green Screen Camp @ THE LAB ages

Ages 10 & UP

In this class students will learn the magic of filming with a green screen, a technique used in special effects films from Star Wars to Avatar!  Videos and stills are shot against the green screen which can be removed, allowing you to place yourself in a variety of environments, from the surface of an alien planet, to the darkest jungle! We'll provide puppets, props, costumes, and video cameras! You provide the imagination for a 5 to 10 minute film, which you'll edit, add FX, and make a DVD to share with family and friends!

Cost $500 includes supplies and 20 hrs of instruction and LAB time.

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ages 10 & Up

What's a Podcast? To put it simply it's like the old time radio shows your great grandparents listened to back in the day. The difference being, Podcasts are listened to over the internet and platforms like ITunes and Spotify. Whether your show does interviews, tells spooky stories, or is Comedy or Drama audio play, we'll help you develop your show from writing a script, recording 2 episodes, and getting it hosted. From There you can submit it to Podcast Providers like the ones mentioned above.

Cost $300 includes 20 hrs of instruction and 2 months paid RSS feed.


ages 10 & Up

Photoshop can be used for a wide variety of applications. Learn how to utilize layers, digital brushes, and many other tools to create digital artwork. Paint original images directly on the computer using similar techniques to real life painting, or modify existing photographs into a new work of art. 

In the near future will be offering 3D modeling, CGI FX, and 2 & 3D animation, storytelling, script writing, storyboarding, and much, much more. Either call, email, or stop by The Puppetry Institute to sign up today!


The plan is in motion and the teachers are ready and we'll be doing a soft opening June 25th but we could use help from the business community, as well as locals to help fill our wish list. If you have any of these items just lying around please consider, donating them where we will put them to use

We’re in need of used or refurbished MS 8 to 10 OS and Apple computers with high capacity Hard Drives and at least 4g of Ram, also needed large capacity Flash drives, used or refurbished DSLR digital cameras, drafting table, light boards, and as always monetary funding for extra software and to insure that the classes taught at the lab are available for every member of the community. As with TPI’s policy of one scholarship for every 3 paying students we’ll continue to enrich the lives of low-income/at-risk kids and teens throughout the Central coast.


Keep in mind that any donations you care to contribute are tax deductible as The Puppetry Institute is a fiscal project of The Children Are Our Future

a 501(c3) non-profit.


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