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One of a kind gifts by the TPI artists collective!

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Behold! it's Mercurio's Curios!
One-of-a-kind fantasy art pieces are created by
the artist collective team at The Puppetry Institute!

Every sale brings more creativity into the world!
All sales directly support the artists, and our non-profit scholarship program.

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Affordable Curios


Digital Downloads

Incindric (1).jpg

Steampunk Hats

Adoptable Creatures

Affordable Curios

Hand-Casted Items and Unique Prints

By Artists Ricki Vincent & Sharkledog

Exclusively produced items ranging $1- $25


Digital Downloads

Exclusive PDF and video downloads

Support independents creating digital media! 

Incindric (1).jpg

Steampunk Refurbished Hats

One-Of-A-Kind & Handmade!

By Artist Ricki Vincent

Perfect for the stylish airship aviator or dragon-tamer!
Browse pre-made pieces, or contact us for a commission!


Adoptable Creatures

One-Of-A-Kind & Handmade!

By Artists Sharkledog & Ricki Vincent

Take home a magical creature from the Menagerie today!
Products include:
- One Of A Kind Posable Art Dolls

- Painted eggshell terrariums
- Resin-Cast hand-painted glowing dragon hatchlings

- Sculptures and puppets