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Drop-By Classes

Call for an appointment!
Drop-by for a bite-sized workshop!

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For Beginner Artists:

+ Sock Puppet Duo:  Decorate a pair of sock puppets!
+ Paper Puppetry for Beginners: Make 9 paper puppets!
+ Make-A-Muppet: Customize a pre-made muppet-style puppet!
+Shadow-Puppetry: Create a theater and 2D shadow puppets!

+ Stitchy: Create your own simple monster plushie!


Puppetry Projects
+ Puppets from Scratch: Camera-ready Hand-and-Rod puppets

+ Tabletop Puppets: Puppets move with the flick of your fingers!
+ Make Your Dragon: Build a life-like pet dragon of your own!
+ Make Your Dragon Jr.: Build a life-like baby dragon of your own!

+Puppetry for teachers: Bring puppets into your class curriculum!


Art and Performance
+ Monster Design: Design digital fantasy creature concept art!

+ OOAK Art Dolls: Part sculpture, part plush toy - all fantastic!

+ Egg Painting: Paint a fantasy creature egg!

+ Dr. Mercurio's Digital Tour - bring virtual magic to school!


Costumes and Cosplay

+ Fursuits: Create an animal mask and tail

+ Face-painting: Learn professional face-painting skills!

Whether you're a local or just visiting the Santa Cruz seaside for a day -
join us for a creative class! Drop by for a single class 60-90 minutes long,
and leave with an amazing one-of-a-kind art piece you create in our workshop!

Drop-by classes are perfect for a family day out!

Make an appointment with us!
Monday- Saturday, 10 Am -4 Pm

Drop-by Family Fun!

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Drop-by Family Engagement Experience - 60 minute class
$60 for up to 4 people! +$20 per each additional student


Create 9 puppets in 6 different styles!
Make a paper-pocket family, a paper-bag super hero and nemesis, a paper plate theater, a paper plate big-mouth critter, a jointed dragon shadow puppet, and a sock puppet design!



Drop-by Make-A-Muppet Experience - 90 minute class
$100 per student

Take one of our beautiful hand-made blank muppets, add your own creative flair, then get a crash course in performance. What do you get? A colorful character that is positively uniquely you - inside and out!

Drop by to select a base color muppet, and decorate at our accessory and glue-gun table!

Drop-by Cricut Design Experience - 90 minute class
$150 per student

Create a 12x12 custom decal sticker sheet, a T-shirt iron-on, shadow or finger puppets,
or a  custom mug or water bottle! Our class includes professional instruction to create your own digital design that will then be applied to any of the above projects! Print high-quality vynal stickers, custom T-shirt iron-ons and so much more!


Drop-by for an hour and a half, leave with something one of a kind!

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Call for appointment: (831) 601 9822 

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Call for appointment: (831) 601 9822 

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Call for appointment: (831) 601 9822 


For Beginner Artists

Projects for artists aged 4+!
Join us in-person or work from home - with video Q&A and a kit shipped right to your door!