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Enroll Online!

Whether you're joining us online or in-person - you can enroll with us here!
Please follow these simple steps so that we can prepare your customized class!

1. Browse Class Options.

Check out our list of classes for class descriptions and general prices.
Shipping and material costs may vary. This depends on your shipping location, and the weight and cost of materials in your kit, as many of the classes are customized specifically to suit your personal project vision!

2. Review and submit our contract

Read through important safety information! Some projects require the use of tools that could be unsafe if misused. We take all possible precautions, but we need you to promise to do the same! Email or print & deliver your finished application

3. Purchase a Class

Purchase one of our classes through our our ONLINE STORE

...Or contact us directly at for cash, check, card and paypal options!

See you soon!

​Whether we're meeting in person, or in virtual space - we can't wait to see your awesome project!
Your online kit will be mailed to your door, and we will set up a time for live video classes!
Don't forget to check out our social media pages, to see what other students and teachers are making every day!


Don't be shy! We want to hear from you! Email us, call us, or contact us through our page!

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