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Meet the Staff!





Puppetry design/ performance, special FX artist,
Stop-Motion Puppetry, Filmmaker, Performance Artist, Sculptor


Since 1999 Ricki has continued to color outside the lines of what people expect when they think of puppets and puppeteers.  Ricki has performed thousands of street shows, created the popular underground TV puppet show, Dante's Place (1999). Ricki’s work has been produced,/performed, and commissioned by such as a Bunraku puppetry performance of Steinbeck’s "The Pearl" funded by UC Fullerton's Grand Central Art Center and the John Steinbeck society (2002). The Death Show a puppet opera about life's final bow, funded in part by the City of Austin's Cultural Arts Dept. (2009), as well as his all Puppet Burlesque show A night at Miss Mimi's funded by a performance art grant from from the Creative Capital Foundation.


In 2007 Ricki with the help of grant funds and generous donations from supporters, formed the Non Profit theater troupe, and Outreach Program Geppetto Dreams Puppet Company. Throughout his career he has striven to pass his art on to the next generation, teaching  workshops to both children and adults on puppet design construction and performance, creating an award winning workshop on designing puppets from recyclable and found items, and  developed summer internship programs for at risk teens.


In 2017, as a resident artist at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History, he started the pilot program “The Puppetry Institute” and later found a more permanent home by partnering my program with the Santa Cruz Museum of Discovery, where he continues to pass on his knowledge to all who come through the doors.




Star is a student at UCSC who has been with the institute since May 2017, has performed in the Doctor Mercurio show as a dragoneer and pyro ornithologist (one who studies birds that burst into flames), as well as the Hunter S. Thomson show with Ricki Vincent. Star studies art and game design, and has experience with many forms of media both 3D, 2D and 4D.


Star has been face-painting since 2016 and is eager to face any transformation challenge. Star also has thorough experience in theatre makeup and tech. Star has a background in music, and has been performing on stage for at least a decade, whether it's for a musical, play, or dance performance.


The Puppetry Institute has been a place Star can learn, expand on skills, and be around other passionate people at the institute. Star has been passionate about puppets since childhood and is so happy that passion can come to life.



Collette Harrison

Game Master, Puppeteer


Collette is a UCSC student that has worked at the Puppetry Institute as a dragoneer in the Doctor Mecurio show and an intern since 2017. Collette is studying game design and is experienced in a variety of artistic mediums from 2D to 3D as well as cosplaying.

A tabletop and video game enthusiast, Collette has always had a fascination with the fantastical, especially dragons, and pursues such inspirations through their art and work at the Puppetry Institute. 

As a Dungeon Master, Collette aims to create a safe space in which people can explore their imaginations and discover new interests. 





Shark is a lover of all manner of beasties; real or fantasy, fluffy or slimy. They see wonder in every creature! As a tiny tot, they were playing with bugs and drawing made-up monsters.

Somehow, both became career paths!


Shark has worked countless hours teaching natural science and history as a professional state-park naturalist, aquarium and tidepool docent, and science camp educator


Shark has been a free-lance magical creature artist for over a decade and a half, with a wide range of knowledge in both digital and traditional artforms; including digital painting, retro pixel art, fine-art painting, art-dolls, up-cycled toys and monster masks.

Shark believes that a lifelong passion for education and creativity  can create a better future!

In the mean time, they also believe current reality can be amended with a bit of fantasy.





Hello my name is Elliot, I am 23 years old, and I am a teacher at The Puppetry Institute, I first started as a student of Ricky's when he was in monterey when I was 13 years old. I had learned how to make a pirate cat and from there was taken under his wing as a apprentice. Now I teach miniature model painting, drawing and portraiture. I hope to see you soon.



Kyle Vincent

Game Master


Kyle has been playing tabletop games for 23 years, and running tabletop right out of the gates.  Pulling inspiration from hall of his nerdy hobbies, his greatest joy in gaming is creating fully living breathing worlds for his player to adventure in.


"Just like any dice game we are gambling, just this time we are gambling with story."



image (1).png

Torrey Chandran

Artist/Game Master

Torrey is a teacher and artist who has just joined the institute! They have been acting and creating for many years. Torrey has been teaching kids about both science and art since they were a teenager and loves seeing everyone find their own unique spark.


They have a variety of skills that they hope to help others learn including acting, drawing both digital and traditional art,  and making costumes/cosplay. Torrey has been a game master for roughly 5 years and is excited to teach people the ins and outs of D&D and is happy to provide GM services to groups that need one.





Annamarie MacLeod lived in New York and Chicago before settling in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has worked locally with the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival, Pacific Repertory Theatre, Bus Barn Stage Company, Woman's Will, the New Conservatory Theatre Center, the Pear Ave Theatre, theatre Q, the Ragged Wing Ensemble, and Dragon Productions.

Ms MacLeod taught theatre with the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival and was a member of the 2010 and 2012 Shakespeare workshops that the Arabian Shakespeare Festival held at Al Ain University. Ms. MacLeod trained in New York at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, and in London at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. 

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