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The Dragon Academy
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Game Days

Weekly games 1-4 PM Saturdays
Sign-ups required in advance! Ages 12+ recommended!
Join our game master's DISCORD SERVER for questions and scheduling updates. 

Join The Party!

Sign ups: $20 per in-person game session
Typical games last 3 hours

A portion of all fees goes to the TPI scholarship program!

Contact us for placement and more information!

Join our DISCORD SERVER for direct communication!
New to Discord? Start here!


Located at - 1855 41st Ave, Capitola, CA 95010
Contact Ricki - (831) 601 9822 or


The Dragon Academy

A Creative Space for Art and Imagination!

Into the Dragon's den!

Dungeons, dragons, and a safe space to explore art and imagination! 
The Dragon Academy is The Puppetry Institute's own dedicated gaming lounge.
Join us in the Capitola Mall for social gaming, fantasy art creation, miniature painting, and beyond!


Learn to play or run tabletop games in a fully immersive magical environment!
Create art, props, miniatures, dice and more! 
We have events and classes open for all ages - in person and online!

Costumes welcome and photoshoots with our life-size props and creatures are encouraged!


Dungeon Adventures

The Puppetry Institute invites everyone to come and celebrate the grand opening of our latest venture, THE DRAGON ACADEMY right next door to our SFX workshop! 

Our adventures are lead by experienced game-masters and open to seasoned and new adventurers alike! Game groups are separated by age groups for kids, teens, or adults - with gaming experiences tailored and moderated to be appropriate for every group's needs.

Tabletop games such ad D&D provide a creative outlet that encourages co-operation, imagination, and problem solving. The inherently social nature of tabletop provides opportunities for youth to build interpersonal social-emotional skills, explore new ideas, and creatively express themselves in a safe environment. Players are encouraged to work together to overcome obstacles in an environment where failures are low-risk and can even add to the fun of the story!

At The Puppetry Institute we have always strongly believed in the powerful emotional-health benefits of imagination and creativity.  It's a fun way to practice new skills, gain self-confidence, and process emotions. Fantasty tabletop roleplay takes all of that - with added social benefits that have been bringing parties together since the 1980s!