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Welcome to Middleof!

Immersive Art Gallery Experience

Step into a world of whimsy designed by The Puppetry Institute's artist collective!
Join us in creating the world of Middleof - an interactive art and puppetry gallery inspired by the magical world of
Mercurio's Mythical Menagerie! 

[5/28/23 Update: We are currently 50% funded!]

Middleof 0f is the newest venture from the puppetry institute!

We are a non-profit school specializing in Puppetry & SFX based in Capitola, CA with a mission to ensure universal access for children and young adults in our Creative workshops, Performances, and educational classes. The Puppetry Institute owes its survival to the fact that 70% of our funding is self-generated. This support comes from our gracious Patreons, revenue from workshop and performance sales, personal donations, occasional anonymous contributions slipped under the door, and art sales. 

Previously, our primary funding source was performances for local schools, sadly -

the effects of local storm damage and other school funding factors have limited opportunities to perform.

However, with your help we could bring our art and performances to the community here at the capitola mall, who will provide us with a 5000 sq ft space in which to take this dream to reality!


Themed room concept art by members of the TPI artist collective


Cheeto Dragon T-Shirts!

Enter the enchanting realm of MIDDLEOF!
Immersing visitors in a fantastical realm of creativity and wonder, our Interactive Puppetry Arts installation will draw inspiration from innovative spaces like Meow Wolf, Arte Museum, and The Museum of Illusion. This unique experience seamlessly fuses puppetry, technology, and
interactive design to transport participants into a surreal world where imagination knows no bounds. Visitors become active participants, navigating through a multisensory landscape where puppetry comes to life in unexpected and enchanting ways. The installation challenges
conventional boundaries, inviting guests to engage with puppets through touch, movement, and even virtual reality, creating a dynamic and immersive spectacle that blurs the lines between reality and fantasy.

Just as Meow Wolf and similar spaces have redefined the traditional museum
experience, our Interactive Puppetry Arts installation aims to captivate audiences, leaving them
inspired, bewildered, and filled with a sense of awe.

Beyond sustaining our scholarship program, this project promises to offer employment opportunities to artists, actors, and makers from both the Central Coast and beyond, with a particular focus on empowering disadvantaged and neurodivergent young artists. Our initiative aims to create a safe and creative working environment for these individuals, fostering their skills and providing meaningful employment.

With your support (and tax deductible donations), we can turn this vision into reality!

Thanks for your time
Making The World A Cooler Place… One Puppet At A Time!
Ricki Vincent, Artistic Director
The Puppetry Institute

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