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Welcome to Middleof!

Immersive Art Gallery Experience

Open Call for Creatives:
Join us in Crafting Middleof Puppetry Arts Installation!

Are you a performing artist, puppeteer, actor, theater technician, or maker
with a passion for pushing the boundaries of creativity?
Join us in Santa Cruz, CA, for a groundbreaking experience!

Project Details:
• What: Middleof Puppetry Arts Installation
• Construction: Summer 2024
• Grand Opening: January 2025

MIDDLEOF is a 5,000 sq ft permanent interactive puppetry arts installation set to open in fall 2024. This unique experience seamlessly fuses puppetry, theater, technology, and interactive design to transport participants into a surreal world where imagination knows no bounds. Visitors become active participants, navigating through a multisensory landscape where puppetry comes to life in unexpected and enchanting ways. The installation challenges conventional boundaries, inviting guests to engage with larger-than-life mythical beings through touch, movement, and even virtual reality, creating a dynamic and immersive spectacle that blurs the lines between reality and fantasy.


Who We're Looking For:

all ages 16-60

While professional experience is not required, we're seeking individuals with some level of experience or hobbyist interest in the following genres: Artistry, Acting, Costume Design/Cosplay, Lighting Technology, Robotics Animatronics

Why Join Us:
Be a part of creating something truly magical! Collaborate with like-minded individuals in a dynamic and innovative environment!  Gain hands-on experience and expand your skill set. Showcase your talents to a wide audience during the grand opening in January 2025.

We are seeking:
-Performing Artists: Actors, dancers, and physical performers who can
bring characters to life and interact with visitors in a captivating and
immersive manner.

-Puppeteers: Skilled puppeteers (will train right person) who can
manipulate a variety of puppets, from hand puppets to full-body suits,
creating magical and lifelike performances.

-Theater Technicians: Talented individuals with expertise in lighting,
sound, set design, and special effects to enhance the immersive

-Makers: Creators and builders who can craft intricate puppets, props, electronics
and set pieces, contributing to the fantastical world of MIDDLEOF

Audition Details:
-Date: Ongoing until positions are filled
-Location: Capitola, CA
-To Apply: Please email a headshot and resume to

Join us in creating a mesmerizing experience that will leave visitors
spellbound. Be a part of MIDDLEOf and let your talent shine in a world
where fantasy and reality intertwine!
For more information, contact us!

We look forward to seeing your creativity come to life!

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