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The Puppetry Institute!

Making the world a cooler place... One Puppet at a time!

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Located at - 1855 41st Ave, Capitola, CA 95010
Contact Ricki - (831) 601 9822 or The.Puppetry.Institute@gmail.com

Online and In-Person Classes!


At The Puppetry Institute, Art class is in session;

any time, anywhere, and for any age!

In-Person Learning: Visit Our Workshop!

In-person teaching has returned at our physical location by the beautiful Santa Cruz seaside! Take a tour and meet our life-sized monster puppets at the Capitola Mall: 

1855 41st Ave, Capitola, CA 95010

Digital Fantasy Monster Design Lesson 2

Distance Learning Classes: Delivered To You!

Order an online class and we'll deliver a personalized crafting kit to your door, with everything you need to make your creation come to life! Work along with our easy-to-follow online videos, and get all of your questions answered with live Q&A sessions. If you can dream it, you can do it!​

Browse online classes!

Creative Learning for ANY AGE or Ability Set!

Open up a sock-puppet kit for an awesome afternoon with the little ones! Help a kid or teen reach their full creative potential! Make an impact at your favorite convention or festival!


Whether you're a beginner or professional, we offer new skills in creating puppets, cosplay costumes, fursuits, digital art and so much more!


TPI is an IEMINC vendor offering VAPA and STEAM applicable classes. Bring magic into your home-schooling experience!


Making The World A COOLer Place...

One Puppet at a Time!

Help Us Help Young Artists!


The Puppetry Institute is a non-profit organization

that believes the arts should be available to all!

The Puppetry Institute is a 501c3 nonprofit project of Children Are Our Future. 

Scholarships are available to all youth under 18

who may be experiencing financial or personal struggles.

TPI has also provided workshops to Non Profits like CASA, and Jacob's Heart

to bring the healing powers of art to those who need it most.

Contact us to see if you may qualify!


Here's how we get our funding:

Class Sales:

A portion of every workshop, curio, or performance goes into our scholarship

fund. This allows us to provide materials and classes to those in need!


Mercurio's Curios Sales:

Support the TPI artist's collective directly by buying One Of A Kind art pieces!
A portion of every sale supports our non-profit program. 



Watch crafting videos, and puppetry performances from artists

from around the world! A portion of every sale supports our

non-profit program. 

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Direct Donations:

Interested in supporting what we do directly?
Contact us, or join our PATREON for as little as $1 a month! 
Unique patreon rewards available to higher tiers!


Thank you for your Support!