Welcome to
The Puppetry Institute!

Making the world a cooler place... One Puppet at a time!

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Located at - 1855 41st Ave, Capitola, CA 95010
Contact Ricki - (831) 601 9822 or The.Puppetry.Institute@gmail.com

Online Classes!

At The Puppetry Institute, Art class is in session;

any time, anywhere, and for any age!

Make time at home more magical, by creating your own puppets, costumes, and works of art! We'll deliver a personalized art kit to your door, with everything you need to make your creation come to life! Work along with our easy-to-follow online videos, and get all of your questions answered with live Q&A sessions. If you can dream it, you can do it!​


Classes are available for all ages and skill-sets! Open up a sock-puppet kit for an awesome afternoon with the little ones! Give a child or teen the experience and skills to design their own puppets, cosplay, fursuits, digital art and beyond, while teaching VAPA and STEAM applicable lessons! Or learn a new skill yourself, and bring a colorful new friend to your next online meeting!


​TPI is an Ocean Grove Charter School Vendor, and a 501 C3 non-profit project of Children Are Our Future. Best of all, a portion of all paid classes go into a scholarship fund for low-income and at-risk youth.


Make the world a little cooler - one puppet at a time!


The Puppetry Institute
All-ages non-profit art classes - delivered to your home!

We teach personalized classes for all ages on an extensive range of visual and preforming arts. We will guide you through creating your dream project,
while secretly teaching art, design, and engineering!

Bring home hand-made creations, and new creative skill-sets to keep forever!

Create puppets, theater effects, costumes, fursuits, props, digital art, films and more!
Whatever your idea, we work with you from anywhere and on your own schedule!


Great News for Parents & Students!
Make school-at-home magical with us!

The Puppetry Institute is an Ocean Grove Charter School Vendor! 
Our classes can cover credits in not only cover charter-school credits in art and performance - but many projects that we offer also teach math, engineering, and creative writing as well!

Our classes follow VAPA (Visual And Performing Arts) - and  STEAM 
(Science technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) standards!

Best of all, we are a 501 C3 non-profit project of Children Are Our Future!
Whenever you buy a class, a portion of profits sponsors our scholarship fund.
This allows us to make our classes accessible to our whole community!

Your support makes it possible to deliver free educational art lessons and kits to kids everywhere who are to children of essential workers, low-income households, and children at risk who need art most.

Thank you !

Check out what we do!


Making a Better World

The Puppetry Institute is a non-profit organization that believes the arts should be available to all! TPI works along-side CASA and Jacob's Heart to bring the healing  powers of art and puppets to those who need it most.

One third of all class fees sponsor
scholarships for low-income students.

Contact us to see if you may qualify!

Support us on Patreon
to help fund students in need!

Personalized Classes


Have you ever said to yourself "I wish I could make that"?
Create it at TPI, and gain skills that will last your whole life!

Our workshop is set up for a wide range of both digital and practical projects! Whether your jam is puppet-shows, creature costumes, props from your favorite movie,  or animating your own youtube video, you can learn it here!
We are also open for family or group crafting events!

Contact us
with your idea and hours and availability -
and we will custom-create a class just for you!


Podcast and Live Shows

Doctor Mecurio's Mythical Marvels!

Based off of TPI's own original podcast, each of these incredible, realistic creature puppets has been hand-made at actual monster size! Have your suspension of disbelief blown away by pettable dragons, splashing river monsters, or a yeti that can hug whole families at once!

Contact the doctor himself to bring living dragons to your next event or party, with his troupe of dragoneers. Then, follow the adventures of the crew on our steam-punk adventure podcast.

“I miss being in the same room, especially the younger students, like when they go from a 2D to 3D head,” He shipped out 500 puppetry arts kits and instruction videos to students who were part of the PVUSD/Spectra program. 


Students had to create nine puppets in six different styles as part of the “Puppets in Place” program. Putting together puppets involves many things, among them, creativity, math and physics.


“There are tons of lessons,” Vincent said. “It’s so much fun the kids don’t know they’re learning

TPI Has Full/Partial Scholarships available right now for low income kids and teens 8-16! 
f you'd like to help sponsor someone to learn these amazing skills - visit to our patreon and pledge as little as a dollar a month - help make the world a cooler place... One Puppet at a time!