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For Beginner Artists:

+ Sock Puppet Duo:  Decorate a pair of sock puppets!
+ Paper Puppetry for Beginners: Make 9 paper puppets!
+ Make-A-Muppet: Customize a pre-made muppet-style puppet!
+Shadow-Puppetry: Create a theater and 2D shadow puppets!

+ Stitchy: Create your own simple monster plushie!

Puppetry Projects
+ Puppets from Scratch: Camera-ready Hand-and-Rod puppets

+ Tabletop Puppets: Puppets move with the flick of your fingers!
+ Make Your Dragon: Build a life-like pet dragon of your own!
+ Make Your Dragon Jr.: Build a life-like baby dragon of your own!

+Puppetry for teachers: Bring puppets into your class curriculum!

Class Index

Costumes and Cosplay
+ Sword-art; Online!: Create a safe and stylish cosplay sword!
+ Fursuits: Create an animal mask and tail
+ Face-painting: Learn professional face-painting skills!

Art and Performance
+ Monster Design: Design digital fantasy creature concept art!

+ OOAK Art Dolls: Part sculpture, part plush toy - all fantastic!

+ Egg Painting: Paint a fantasy creature egg!

+ Dr. Mercurio's Digital Tour - bring virtual magic to school!

Our online and in-person

classes are now available

through our online store!

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