For Beginner Artists:

+ Sock Puppet Duo:  Decorate a pair of sock puppets!
+ Paper Puppetry for Beginners: Make 9 paper puppets!
+ Make-A-Muppet: Customize a pre-made muppet-style puppet!
+Shadow-Puppetry: Create a theater and 2D shadow puppets!

+ Stitchy: Create your own simple monster plushie!

Puppetry Projects
+ Puppets from Scratch: Camera-ready Hand-and-Rod puppets

+ Tabletop Puppets: Puppets move with the flick of your fingers!
+ Make Your Dragon: Build a life-like pet dragon of your own!
+ Make Your Dragon Jr.: Build a life-like baby dragon of your own!

+Puppetry for teachers: Bring puppets into your class curriculum!

Class Index

Costumes and Cosplay
+ Sword-art; Online!: Create a safe and stylish cosplay sword!
+ Fursuits: Create an animal mask and tail
+ Face-painting: Learn professional face-painting skills!

Art and Performance
+ Monster Design: Design digital fantasy creature concept art!

+ OOAK Art Dolls: Part sculpture, part plush toy - all fantastic!

+ Egg Painting: Paint a fantasy creature egg!

+ Dr. Mercurio's Digital Tour - bring virtual magic to school!

For Beginner Artists: 


(recommend for age 8+)

Learn the art of creating stories from light and shadow! This is one of the original forms of puppetry and dates back as far as recorded time. We will cover building a portable stage, basic shadow puppets, and storytelling, culminating with a performance.

Includes: supplies for build-at-home stage, shadow-puppet templates, online videos, online sound-track and live Q&A. 
VAPA & STEAM curriculum


Stitchy the monster pal - $75

(recommend for age 6+)

In this class we'll learn about how to make your own stuffed creature doll. "Stitchy" is an adorable little whatchamacallit that you can customize to your liking with just a few added steps. You'll also learn some basic sewing skills such as pattern making and hand sewing, so you can create more creatures for Stitchy to befriend!

Includes: Physical kit  & online videos. VAPA & STEAM curriculum.

Requires: Scissors, glue-gun & adult supervision!


Sock Puppet Duo - $20*
(Recommended age: 4+)

A great introduction to puppets for wee-folk. Decorate a pair of new sock-puppet friends, name them, and give them a story!

Includes: Physical kit with two sock puppet blanks, decorative materials & online videos. VAPA & STEAM cirriculum.
Requires: Scissors, glue-gun & adult supervision!

 Puppetry for beginners - $25*
(Recommended age: 4+)


Create 9 puppets in 6 different styles!
Make a paper-pocket family, a paper-bag super hero and nemesis, a paper plate theater, a paper plate big-mouth critter, a jointed dragon shadow puppet, and a sock puppet design!


Includes: Physical paper kit, blank sock puppet, online printable coloring templates, & online videos. 
VAPA & STEAM curriculum.
Requires: Scissors, school glue, crayons & adult supervision!

IMG_3333 (1).JPG

Make-A-Muppet - $80*
(Recommended age: 6+)


Take one of our beautiful hand-made blank muppets, add your own creative flair, then get a crash course in performance. What do you get? A colorful character that is positively uniquely you - inside and out!

Includes: Physical kit with puppet blank and decorative materials & online videos. VAPA & STEAM curriculum.
Requires: Scissors, glue-gun & adult supervision!


Puppetry Projects

(Recommended for adults)

From arithmetic to zoology - teach and engage students with a puppet in the classroom! Puppetry can be extremely helpful to engage with therapy patients and special-needs individuals. You will learn how to design, construct, and find your puppets voice while finding a way to integrate your character into your teaching/session plans. 

Puppets From Scratch - $400+*
(Recommended age: 8+)


Create a memorable character in your mind, and bring them into the world as a living, moving, 3D being! We will provide live online sessions and kits based on YOUR idea, and help you make it a reality! $400+ for fleece puppets, $500+ for faux fur creatures. Online lessons in performance included!

Includes: Customized physical supply kit tailored to fit your project's needs! Online videos, and live Q&A. VAPA & STEAM curriculum
Requires: Scissors, glue-gun & adult supervision!


Tabletop Puppets - $350+*
(Recommended age: 12+)


Workshop participants will be constructing simple table top puppets! Students will learn easy construction techniques as well as instruction on how to bring them to life with the flick of a finger. As well as skills in design, character/story development, sculpting, and costuming.

Includes: Customized physical supply kit tailored to fit your project's needs! Online videos, and live Q&A.

VAPA & STEAM curriculum.
Requires: Scissors, glue-gun & adult supervision!

image0 (3).jpg

Dr. Mecurio's HOW TO MAKE YOUR DRAGON CLASS! - $450+*
(Recommended age: 12+)


Have you ever wanted your own pet dragon? Create a realistic dragon puppet that looks, feels, and moves like a living creature! Amaze onlookers with a living dragon riding on your shoulder - customized and built by you!

Includes: Physical supply kit, online videos, and live Q&A. VAPA & STEAM curriculum
Requires: Scissors, glue-gun & adult supervision!

Dr. Mecurio's 

(recommend for age 8+)

This newborn baby dragon will sit right on your glove, appearing to move in its own! Smaller and easier to manage than a big dragon.

Includes: Supply kit, online videos and live Q&A

VAPA & STEAM curriculum
Requires: Scissors, glue-gun & adult supervision!


Costumes and Cosplay

Sword-Art; Online! - $300+*
(Recommended age: 10+)


A prop sword with light-up capability, safe to bring to cosplay events! Create a custom sword based on historical designs, including the Aztec Macuahuitl, the Gurkha Kukuri, and the Japanese Wakizashi. Each weapon will have no more than three components, they’ll be simple to put together but complex and different enough to feel personal.

Includes: Physical supply kit, online videos, and live Q&A.
VAPA & STEAM curriculum
Requires: Scissors, glue-gun & adult supervision!


Fursuit Construction - $400+*
(Recommended age: 12+)


Fursuits are mascot-style animal costumes that blend cosplay and puppetry! Create a mask and tail based on your own furry character design to become your Fursona! Add a set of wearable paws for $500! 

Includes: Online videos, materials, and live Q&A.
VAPA & STEAM curriculum
Requires: Scissors, glue-gun, basic sewing kit and adult supervision

FACE PAINTING 101 - $225*
(Recommended 10+)

Learn the basics of the art form that will get you invited to all the best parties and events! Professional Makeup artist Star Hagen-Esquerra will show you the basic techniques and tricks of the trade. Students will learn 3 basic designs and take turns practicing what they've learned on family members.

 Includes: Face painting kit, online videos, and live Q&A
VAPA Curriculum. 


Art and Performance

Digital Fantasy Monster Design  - $200*
(Recommended age: 10+)


Create four monster characters for your own fantasy or Sci-fi setting. Design characters that would fit in with monsters from popular games, comics and movies including "Pokemon", "Dungeons and Dragons", "Terraria" - or your own unique fantasy setting. Then bring them to life using digital painting and video-game pixel art techniques!

Includes: Online videos, and live Q&A. VAPA curriculum.
Requires: Digital art software and hardware. Photoshop and a digital drawing tablet are recommended for this course, but not required. 


OOAK ("One of A Kind") Art Doll  - $300*
(Recommended age: 10+)


Create a realistic, expressive doll that is part fine-art sculpture and part stuffed animal! OOAK art dolls are a popular among professional fantasy artists as a way to bring magical creatures to life. Includes a flexible armature to allows the doll to be posed for  awesome creature photography sessions!

Includes: Material kit, Online videos, and live Q&A. VAPA curriculum.
Requires: Scissors, oven, basic sewing kit and adult supervision

Fantasy Egg Painting  - $200*
(Recommended age: 10+)


The art of egg painting dates back more than 2,500 years! Our fantasy egg paintings take the humble egg, and turn them into miniature portals to a world of magic. Paint a dragon, gryphon, dinosaur- or whatever you imagine curled up "inside" your egg!

Kit includes a sturdy wooden egg, painting supplies! Video instructions detail the painting process, and for those who have practiced their gentle touch - how to prepare real egg shells for art!

Includes: Sturdy wooden egg, painting kit, Online videos, and live Q&A. VAPA curriculum.
Requires: Store-bought eggs (OPTIONAL)


Dr. Mecurio’s Mythical Marvels
& Virtual School Assembly Tour!
(Recommended for school-groups of all ages!)

This one-hour performance features
14 Life Size Mythical Creatures!

an original plot, and a little digital magic!

Best of all, a portion of all paid classes go into a scholarship fund for low-income, special needs, and kids of our essential workers!

Ask us about our virtual class assemblies!

Our digital downloads are for personal viewing only, but we offer a special package for classroom groups!

The audience will see not only how to puppeteers bring the creatures to life but how the performance itself would not be possible without basic skills in STEAM academics! The remote-learning package includes a LIVE Behind the Scenes Q & A and virtual tour of the The Puppetry Institutes studio for school groups!


For More Info on how to bring this and our other virtual learning opportunities to your Remote Learners, Home School Group Or School District, please contact us directly! 

Personal-use digital download avalible on Etsy!
Contact us about school programs with LIVE Q&A sessions!

MAGIC!  - $190*
(Recommended age: 7+)


Get ready to take an amazing adventure into the exciting world of magic!
Learn how to teleport objects across the room, find hidden magical treasures and levitate a cup of popcorn just to name a few.


Custom Magic Tricks included: Legendary Loops, Special Delivery and so much more! In addition to integrating the 8 Traits of a True Magician, the Orange Wand course places a special focus on learning the parts that make up a magic trick, specifically concentrating on presentation. 


If students ever miss a class, they have access to a video vault that will let them watch the lesson.

Additional kits for siblings that want to take the class are just $80!

Includes:  Key Cards, File Folders, Graduation Certificates and Magic Wands. Online videos. 
Requires: All materials included.

scotty class.jpg