Claws Fur A Cause

These fursuits help young artists achieve their dreams - read how!

The Puppetry Institute of Santacruz California is a non-profit art school that aims to make creativity accessible to all!


Our scholarship program allows us to offer FREE classes to youth experiencing financial hardship or other challenges - and gives them the materials, workshop space, and personal instruction to create their dream projects!


These partial fursuits were designed and created by the resident teaching artists at The Puppetry Institute. All proceeds after material costs go into our scholarship fund, which in turn allows us to buy materials and keep the workshop open.


All proceeds go to our scholarship fund!

Your bids help kids create their own dream puppets, cosplays. fursuits and art!

See our WIP shots! Auction Info coming soon!

Why fursuits?


At the puppetry institute, we love creativity in all its beautiful, whimsical, fantastical, spooky, goofy, or cuddly forms - and we've had more than a few furries of all ages step through our doors.


We work directly with students and provide the tools, materials, and technical guidance needed to take what's in their head and make it a reality! Students feel empowered by being able to bring their characters into the real world with their own hands and learn practical skills in the process.


Fursuits are part artistic process, and part performance art. Fursuits are especially beloved by some of our neurodiverse youth; who often experience a higher amount of pressure to hide who they are at school or in other social situations. When students build and perform under the guise of characters from their own imaginations - they are able to express themselves more fully and with less anxiety. At The Puppetry Institute we believe Creative self expression is a powerful outlet for emotional healing and growth.


We love furries for being their wild, creative, unique selves!

By bidding on one of our partial fursuits - you help make that accessible for a creative kid in need.