Artist: Sharkledog 
Only one avalible

materials: Mixed media. Textiles, cosclay, apoxy sculpt.



The Fern Valley Dragon is a one-of-a-kind multimedia art doll! They are hand-made using a variety of materials, including acrylic paint, apoxy sculpt and cosclay modeling compounds, and textiles with a variety of lifelike textures. Metal wire within this doll allows for poseability for photo-shoots.


The Fern Valley Dragon is a nature-spirit in tune with the constant cycles of natural life! Fungus and flowers spring forth from its bark-like skin. This creature lurks quietly in the magical woods - only ever spotted when it takes to the sky on leaf-like wings. This exact creature design will never be replicated!


This is an art piece and not a toy, so please be gentle with your new forest friend!

OOAK ART DOLL - Fern valley Dragon