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Artist: Ricki Vincent
3 eggs avalible! 

Baby Dragon Hatchling OOAK Dolls! with Glowing Egg and Glowing Dragonglass Stand! Our latest offering from the Mecurio Collection!


These limited edition OOAK dolls were hand sculpted, cast in cold foam, and hand painted by the artist. The doll itself is 4x4x3 inches. The egg is hand sculpted 6x4 in and cast in phosphorescent resin. The stand is resin as well and is 6 1/2 x 8 inches.


Please specify which of our little drakes you're interested c is red/black with silver/gold highlights. Meraxis is purple/fuchsia with black/silver highlights. Rahegal is Red/orange/yellow with black/gold highlights. Each of these dolls are limited to just 5 castings and signed by the artist.

Deluxe Dragon Hatchling w/Glowing egg and Dragonglass stand

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